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Amplifier Parts and Accessories - The Greatest Hits
These are the most popular parts and accessories for QSC amplifiers.
Loudspeaker Parts and Accessories - The Greatest Hits
These are the most popular parts and accessories for QSC loudspeakers.
DataPort Adapters and Cables
QSC DDI DataPort adapters are easy and economical solutions for interfacing QSC systems to third-party equipment or non-DataPort hardware. These adapters provide terminal block connectivity, signal muting, channel routing, standby control, external DC voltage, and fault notification.

QSC DataPort cables are the preferred way to connect QSC DataPort-equipped amplifiers with QSControl, Basis, DCM, DCP, and Q-Sys equipment.
For your longer-term peace of mind, we offer extended warranties for QSC power amplifiers and loudspeakers.

You may purchase an extended warranty any time during the product's initial warranty period (three years from date of initial purchase), and then you're covered for a full six years. The extended warranty covers service, parts, and shipping and is also transferable.

You will need to provide the covered product's serial number at the time of purchase.

QSC products purchased as retail B- or C-stock are not eligible for extended warranties.